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Raya raya raya!}
23 July 2015 | 10:24 PM | 2Comment

Assalamualaikum readers 

Im soooooooo sorry guys. Baru sempat nak update. I just feel sad bcs i cant make it to post the entry daily (remember the daily-post challenge?) Hm. But anyway, lets just move on with the rest of this month. Yay Alhamdulillah we are now already on the 7th day of Syawal. Uish dah seminggu. Cepatnya! Well, life will always get faster when we enjoy it, but it will be slower when we are waiting for something. Kan kan? Agree jelah senang! Garunknya akak. Hahaha. Semoga raya tahun ni banyak membawa perubahan yg positive not only on the outside but also inside ourselves. Lagi lagi hati. Haa gitu. Semoga kemaafan yg diminta dan diberi ikhlas dari hati. My friend once said, 

Kita dah besar kan, tak perlu rasanya nak tunggu siapa yang minta maaf dulu eventho it's not even our fault. Be the first to apologise. That shows how matured you are.

 That's all. And nah nak share pics sikit.

Much love, Isha.