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Productive Saturday}
09 July 2015 | 12:36 AM | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum Readers 

Hi pembaca setiaaaa (berangan ramai yang baca la kan) hahahaha. Ok so fer todeh as u ken siiii, I had a wonderful saturday! Well, it was just a normal morning, woke up for sahur and did my daily morning activities. In the afternoon, my mother, my sister and I made Almond London cookies. So, here it is:

Well, haha i know it's a bit different but still taaaasty. Nak tau rasa dia? Datang raya nanti ok! You are always be welcomed to come unless when I'm not home haha.

Next, after more than 3 weeks of planning the reunion-iftar event, we finally met up and iftar together at Johnny's Restaurant. Yay, Alhamdulillah! Rindu sangat dah tu. Here are some pics of them:

One funny thing is that Johnny Restaurant is popular with their steamboat yet no one of us ordered the steamboat hahahaha (emoji gelak keluar air mata). So, nak tak nak we ordered la one steamboat set. Bcs rasa tak kenyang. Srsly yup. 

So, finally after iftar we go jalan jalan la sekejap kan then masa nak balik beli mcflurry. We met them back so we ate together once again haha moreh la kiranya. I really had fun with y'all that day. Thanks everyone!

Overall, it was satisfying. Not to forget those who cant join. We miss all of us too!

 5 Amanah 2013 is the best. I hope we will remain as 'us' forever until dah ada anak cucu ok. Kahwin jangan lupa jemput! hahaha. Looking forward to meet all of you so soon on the next reunion plan! Probably next year right? Uhm.. Anyway, all the best guys. Together we pray for the best in our life. That's all, assalamualaikum.

Much love, Isha.