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Hectic day}
09 July 2015 | 12:35 AM | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum readers 

No not THAT hectic but it was kind of a messy day. So, I had a short nap before afternoon then waking up with one thing that i need to do at that exact moment which is go to inti to pick up some books in my friend's room. With nothing in my mind, I got ready and took the car key and asked my mom and sis to accompany me. And my mom's friend also joined us. Then, when we reached there... guess what, no one was in the room and the room is locked. SNAP! I seriously got no idea. Bcs hey I already drove this far and go back with nothing? NO, I NEED TO FIND A WAY. Finally, ada sikit cahaya lah when terfikir we can get the key from the accomodation office. Alhamdulillah we got it! Hahahahaha eleh complicated lah sangat kan. Em, for orang berpuasa maybe it was bcs i felt panic+menyesal tak call dulu+penat+blur semua ada. And lagi satu tak nak kecewakan my friend yang nak some of the books. Hahh, so relieved! Then, we continued our journey to Bangi, bought some cookie ingredients to make cookies. Hihi. Banyak gila singgah singgah. Salah jalan pun ada. So I guess that was a not-that-hectic-but-hectic-day? haha em maybe. Have a nice day! That's all, assalamualaikum.

Much love, Isha.