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1st of July}
02 July 2015 | 4:47 PM | 2Comment

Assalamualaikum Readers 

I've accepted a challenge to update this blog daily since I still have 2 months of holidayyy. (hihi) So, why not, isnt it? Let's start with today! 1st July, I did nothing special. (Hahahaha mula mula dah bosan kan). It was just a normal day for me. But there is a highlight of the day which is the movie 'The Fives'. It was a thriller korean movie. In this film, there is a happy family but suddenly one fashion designer who build a wax model by the real human (pendekkan cerita he's a murderer la) came to the house and everyone died accept the mother. There is one reason why he did it. The mother was curious why and macam dendam camtu lah kan but she cant even walk already. So she asked these four families who need an organ to help her to find this guy (the murderer) and they will get the organ they need (which is her own organs) in return. So, I think you should watch! (18 above ok sebab dia seram). That's all, assalamualaikum.
Much love, Isha.