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A Level Years}
19 June 2015 | 8:51 AM | 0Comment


Assalamualaikum readers 

How are you guys doing? (Typical sentence uh? -.-') I hope you're doing fine! So, in fact we're now already in 2015. How fast time flies! I do think I posted a post every 2 years bcs as you can see, my previous entry was posted 2 years ago hahaha. I feel so old.. But ya as I grew older, I realized that life is much more enjoyable when you cherish every single thing you have in your life. So, for your information (which I dont think you wanna know haha), I just finished my A-Level. Ya Allah, leganyaaaaa. I seriously feel relieved; for a while. Ahah im not completely feel relieved as my results haven't come out yet. Please pray for my result, i need your prayer. To be honest, my A2 exam (which is final exam) wasn't as easy as you thought it was. Oppositely, it was tougher than i've ever expected. But overall, Alhamdulillah I survived my 1 & a half years of A-Level pre-U course! yay! I wonder how though it will be in degree soon. 

I think this post will be a boring post for you but hopefully there will be something for you to read. Im pretty sure i'll enjoy writing this because guess what, I want to tell the summary of the whole thing about my A-Level life or which I called Inti life (as I took A-level in Inti International University, Nilai). Enjoy reading!


Tadaaa I've entered inti's A-level! So, one day before orientation started, I was so nervous and scared at the same. Everything came to my mind; how can I handle the syllibus,how nice my roommate will be, how can I mix with everyone there, will they accept me as who I am, how about culture shock that everyone was talking about, WHAT AM I GONNA EAT, IS THERE ANY FOOD (whut farisha?!) and etc. So ya, that were all on repeat in my mind on that exact moment. Then coming to the orientation, guess what, I was the only one who wore baju kurung. I dont know whether to feel embrassed or proud hahahaha. & for the whole day i tell you i dont know how to act with people, whether to be shy, or scared or shocked or maybeee to be friendly. Hm as usual, the orientation intro was boring but hey I found this girls; Syifa and Dzetty. Then I joined group 1 if im not mistaken, and I met Alin and Siti. Glad to meet some of my new malay friends there bcs Malays are minority. 

So, I thought my roommate was not a new student, but gladly she was! (Im so glad ok im not a junior of my own roommate or else it will be so awkward like i wouldn't speak a word hahaha). So, these are my roommates; Batrisyia in my first & second sem, & Fie was my rommate in my sem 3. They are the best roommates ever, i tell ya! (after my sister la). Batrisyia continued her South Australian Matriculation from intec. There are so much to tell about her but the main point is that i feel so happy and lucky to have her as my roommate. She's the one I spent my life the most in inti. My partner in crime, eating, studying, talking, bedtime story-ing, laughing, karaoke-ing, cycling, jogging, shopping and walking to class throughout the whole 2014. Thank you, Bat! :) Next, Fie is the real next top model hahaha. She's a mix girl and she's so pretty! The one I wish goodnight to everynight and who I forced to finish my food (hehe). Fie was also my mudah-terhibur gang. Thank you for everything fie! Will miss you two so much. I have a wonderful year with you guys!

Besides, I also had the best and friendly classmates. Most of them were chinese, and they are so fun to be with! Among them, the closest to me were Wei xuen, Erica, Joanne and Wei xin. Anddddd must mention that Syifa, Alin, Siti, Haleeda, Shafain were the best companion. We went through one of the toughest parts of our life together. Thank you for your support guys! Not to forget, thank you a thosand times to my lecturers. Very sporting lecturers and the most friendly lecturers one could ever had. Thank you Ms Premah (Chem), Mr Kumar (Phy), and Ms Chong (Maths). 

Eventho, majority of Inti's students are non-muslim, but we managed to have two usrah groups which are; one with kak Syahirah and one with kak Nadiah/kak Madihah. Feel blessed to have this groups (until now on whatsapp). Thank you everyone for the knowledge that flowed non-stop throughout our usrah time in inti. This is the only gateway from all dunya matters & alwyas reminds me of our ultimate goal, jannah.

Finally, my blockmates! Firsty, I present to you AUP(American University Preparation) gang! They are fifi, syaal, wani, ad, sal, wan, dalili, wawa, tasneem, tia, andd devi. Really nice that i can join some events with you girls! Take care in the States later on girls! The closest was Fifi, my laughing partner. Will miss you, fi T___T Together in AUP were sarah, atikah and fanaaa (eh dia degree law hehe). My room neighbours were shin, autumn, kak ecah, roommates diorang and semua lah haha. Anddddd kakak comel kita hahahaha. Muah sikit. If you're reading this, nanti main badminton lagi ok! hehe. Here I present to you my photo slideshow;

Last but not least, Im so sorry if I forgot to put your name here. Anyway, I thank you so much for accepting me as a part of your life. It was great to spend time with you guys. Take care and all the best to all! So, I think that's all from me. I thought of writing about my inti life summary but end up writing apreciation post hihi. Dah malas nak taip sebenarnya. Hahaha. If I have the time, I'll update this blog so soon. Thanks for reading! Assalamualaikum.

Much love, Isha.