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Tomorrow gonna watch HP 7 part 2 !! :D}
15 July 2011 | 2:32 PM | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum readerss :)

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEADLY HALLOWS PART 2 ! Arggghh, *crazyyy XD This is the ending of HP you know ? GRRRR ! Hurmm, so I don't want to miss it out. HAHA! This is my story for today. Shin aka Dalilah asked me to join her and her sister's gang last wed. But only last night I asked my father, "papa, can I go watch HP 7 with dalilah tomorrow?" *with a 'comel' face XD HAHA. Then my dad said ''Oryte, but I will not give you any money'' X( Hurmm, then I asked my mum, she said "okayy, I'll give you some" :D Weeee :D So, that's all my story. HAHA! Before that, see the above trailer first okay? It's different with the other trailers, it is from a cute small harry potter to a handsome matured guy. Wee :D Tomorrow I'll update about Harry Potter story, okay ? See yaa ! :DD

Harry Potter - tomorrow ♥.